Our Farm

Rocky Ridge Maple Farms is located in a vast mountainous region of Northern Pennsylvania. The maple farm was founded by Joshua C. Bronson, a pharmacist with a passion for being outdoors.   It was this passion that drove him to become a maple syrup entrepreneur. The farm which Josh grew up on was primarily used for dairy production and is now being used for his maple syrup production.   The land itself is pristine forestland, with a mountainous terrain and abundant wildlife. It is the longer, colder winters of this region of Pennsylvania that creates the perfect climate for maple syrup production.

Rocky Ridge Maple’s Core Values

  • Our goal at Rocky Ridge Maple is to produce world class maple syrup while promoting an all-natural product.
  • We have built strong, long-lasting relationships within our company. All of our employees are hardworking and passionate about producing the highest quality maple products.
  • We practice organic, regenerative farming and produce all of our maple syrup without using pesticides or synthetic chemicals. This makes our syrup safe for the consumer and healthy for the planet.
  • We stand for environmental stewardship and go the extra mile to protect our forest. This ensures our products are the best for both the environment and our customers.